The Gergely Lab

Current Lab Members

Fanni Gergely

Group Leader

July 2020 Senior Group Leader at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Since 2006 Junior then Senior Group Leader at CRUK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

2005-2013 Royal Society University Research Fellow

2001-2005 Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

2000-2004 Gonville and Caius College Junior Research Fellow

2000-2005-Post-doc at the Gurdon Institute (with Jordan Raff) and at the Department of Pharmacology (with Colin Taylor), Cambridge University, UK

1997-2000 Wellcome Trust Prize PhD Studentship with Jordan Raff, Wellcome CRC Institute

The Cambridge Lab

Danis Thomas

CRUK PhD Student (Oct 2019-)

Danis Thomas is a graduate from King’s College London where he undertook his degree in MSci Biochemistry (Hons). His commitment to start a career in research stems from the challenging and enjoyable lab projects that he worked on in this time. These included studying the activation of caspase-2 in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in the lab of Dr. Claire Thornton and investigating RUNX2 and its role in DNA damage response in vascular smooth muscle cells in Prof. Catherine Shanahan’s Lab. His current interests lie in investigating the link between centrosomes and the cell cycle in different tissue types using cell and molecular biology approaches.

The Oxford Lab

Elisa Vitiello

Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Biochemistry, Oxford (Nov 2020-)
CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (Oct 2019-Oct 2020)

You can find out more about Elisa here!

James Holder

BBSRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Biochemistry, Oxford (May 2021-)