The Gergely Lab


Recent events (2018-2019):

Celebrating Fanni’s election to EMBO in June 2019
Spot the new faces! Clockwise from left:
Sarah, Julia, Daphne, Nicolas (Erasmus student), Tanmay, Tannia, Danis, Fanni, Anna (our administrator) and Lovorka
After our Christmas dinner.
Congratulations to Julia on her wedding!
Vale and her personalised doctoral hat.
The winning team on our joint retreat between the Godinho, Conduit and van Breugel labs.
Our latest science on cupcakes (made by Lovorka).
Vale’s edible PhD hat (made by Julia).
Nimesh with (one of his) leaving presents.

The good old times (2007-2017):

Isa’s leaving dinner (and present)
Vale and Julia
A disorganised spindle
Pavithra and Jasmin
2010 Lab Retreat
Joo-Hee, Alexis and Deborah in Edinburgh
2009 Lab Retreat
Joo-Hee and Monika

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