The Gergely Lab


Sarah Carden PhD Student (2017-2021)
Julia Tischer CRUK Research Associate (2015), DFG Fellow (2016-2018), CRUK Research Associate (2019-2021)
Tannia Gracia CRUK Principal Scientific Associate (2017-2021)
Daphne Huberts Rubicon Fellow (2016-2018), Visiting postdoc (MRC-LMB) (2018-2020)
Lovorka Stojic CRUK Research Associate (2014-2019)

Lovorka is a Group Leader at Barts Cancer Institute. Visit her here!

Valentina Quarantotti PhD Student (2013-2017) and CRUK Research Associate (2018)

Valentina is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at AstraZeneca (Cambridge, UK).

Gemma Bishop Research Associate (June 2017-June 2018)

Gemma is working as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr Harry Bulstrode at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience here in Cambridge, so we see her daily.

Bradley Nash Research Assistant (2016-2017)

Bradley is a PhD  student at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge.

Nimesh Joseph Principal Scientific Associate ( 2011-2017)

Nimesh is a senior scientist at Azeria Therapeutics.

Péter Tátrai CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2016)

Péter is a senior scientist at Solvo Biotechnology, Budapest.

Pavithra L. Chavali CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2016)

After a short postdoc in Madan Babu’s lab at the MRC-LMB Pavithra  has recently started her own group at CCMB, India. Visit her here!

Gayathri Chandrasekaran CRUK PhD student joint with James Brenton’s group (2012-2016)

Gayathri is a postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

Isabel Martin Peset CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2014)

Isabel is a staff scientist at the Microscopy Facility of CRUK Manchester Institute.

Monika Pütz CRUK PhD Student(2010-2014)

Monika is a consultant at Bain & Company in Münich.

Joo-Hee Sir CRUK PhD student (2008-2012)

Joo-Hee is working in intellectual property law.

Hani Ebrahimi CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (2009-2011)

Hani is a postdoc in Julie Cooper’s group at the National Cancer Institute in Washington DC.

Deborah Zyss CRUK Postdoctoral Fellow (2006-2008) and our Lab Manager (2009-2011)

Deborah is a project manager at Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) in Paris.

Alexis Barr CRUK PhD Student (2006-2010)

After a postdoc with Chris Bakal at the Institute for Cancer Research, Alexis started her group in Sep 2018 at MRC LIMS, Imperial College, London. Visit her here!

Josephine Au Lab manager (2006-2008) 

We have trained several project and master students who went on to have successful scientific careers: Daniela Rossi, Tolou Golkar, Alba Cico, Maria Ines Leca, Jasmin Mangei, Souradip Mookerjee and Caroline Clarke have all spent some time in the lab.